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Shannon EbelingShannon Ebeling is a knowledgeable and passionate presenter who shares his enthusiasm for quality music education. He is a saxophone specialist, VCE examiner, woodwind doubler as well as an experienced lecturer at the University of Melbourne. Shannon has taught musicians from year 2 to post-graduate students at University, Government, Catholic and Independent schools.

Past presentations include

  • University of Melbourne Master of Music (Performance Teaching)
  • Sounds Great Conference
  • aMuse VCE Conference
  • aMuse Approaches to Instrumental Music
  • Australian Saxophone and Clarinet Symposium
  • Ballarat High School
  • Our Lady of Sion College
  • South Gippsland Schools Music Program
  • Trinity College, Colac

For more information or to discuss which option may be suitable for you, please contact me here.


Designing an Engaging Instrumental Music Curriculum

Learn the skills to build your own comprehensive instrumental curriculum that goes beyond simply preparing for music examinations. Explore the range of listening skills, aural development, creative tasks and the sequential development of instrument skills.


Instrumental Music Assessment and Reporting: Closing the loop

Learn effective assessment strategies for use in the instrumental lesson and the important role of feedback for both students and teachers. Examine the use of checklists, rating scales, rubrics and self-evaluation as well as a range of reporting options to give meaningful feedback to students. This session builds on the material from Designing an Engaging Instrumental Music Curriculum.


Effective Instrumental Teaching

Maximise your student’s potential by understanding their learning style and exploring teaching strategies to match. This session looks at the traits of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles.  Includes a lesson demonstration with a question and answer session.


Recharge your Instrumental Teaching

Get fired up about teaching your instrumental students! Look at ways to make instrument practice much more fun. Develop skills in planning effective instrumental lessons and explore motivating activities for your students.


Preparing and Delivering for a Musical Performance

Refine practice and performance strategies for VCE solo, investigation and group performance students. There will be an expert performance demonstration of VCE works with discussion followed by your VCE students performing and receiving tailored feedback.


Firing up your Beginner Band

Tired of playing When the Saints for the 100th time? 10 sure fire ways to enliven your beginner band rehearsals and get the most out of your students. Bring along your instrument and your inner year 7.


Woodwind Doubling

An exciting, hands-on interactive guide to woodwind doubling exploring the flute, clarinet & saxophone families. Experience a wide variety of genres of music, playing styles, context awareness and, for those looking toward a career in music, a higher level of versatility and marketability. Learn the secrets to success for each of the instruments and receive valuable information that will ensure the best possible start to your doubling adventure.


Saxophone Masterclass

From extended techniques to learning fundamentals correctly, this masterclass will share expert information on teaching and playing the saxophone. The lecture demonstration will include two of the most hotly debated areas in saxophone playing: articulation and vibrato, as well as an open forum to ask the questions you have being keen to know the answers to.


For more information or to discuss which option may be suitable for you, please contact me here.