Australian Discovery Orchestra Recording

On the weekend it was exciting to be a part of the ADO’s first recording project: 16 new musical works by talented Broadway composers. I playing the baritone and tenor saxophones, sitting next to my former teacher Lachlan Davidson on alto saxophone from whom I continue to learn so much. Aside from being an amazing experience, the recording sessions were a great reminder of how important the fundamentals are: tone, intonation, accurate rhythm and listening, listening, listening!

I also appreciated being a part of Melbourne’s rich recording heritage at Allan Eaton Studio. This amazing place has been part of the last four decades of great Australian film scores including: The Dressmaker, Red Dog, Babe, Shine, The Sapphires, The Truman Show and many more!

Keep an ear out for the worldwide competition to sing the vocal parts for the CD’s release in 2018.