Baritone Saxophone Institute: Australia

Have you ever felt like you are the odd one out in the ensemble? The Baritone Institute is the brainchild of Dutch saxophone legend Niels Bijl and has been a roaring success in the Netherlands.

I am excited about hosting their second every Australian event in Geelong for everyone who loves playing the ‘Grandfather’ of the saxophone family. The goal is to create a community for all players, from beginner to expert, and share experiences, solve problems but most importantly; play together!

Baritone specialists will be there including Sara Beale (Vic), Margery Smith (Vic/NSW) and Jay Byrnes (NSW) to share masterclasses and play with you in special baritone-only repertoire.

The event is FREE, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

St Joseph’s College
Sunday May 30th, 10am – 4pm
Register your interest with Niels on 0498 387 227 or at