Brauer College Masterclass

I’m looking forward to a trip into the Western district for a day of professional development at Brauer College. I’m honoured to be hosting workshops with their music staff throughout the day, exploring curriculum, learning strategies and creativity in the instrumental music lesson. 

Designing an Engaging Instrumental Music Curriculum

Learn the skills to build your own comprehensive instrumental curriculum that goes beyond simply preparing for music examinations. Explore the range of listening skills, aural development, creative tasks and the sequential development of instrument skills.

Effective Instrumental Teaching

Maximise your student’s potential by understanding their learning style and exploring teaching strategies to match. This session looks at the traits of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles.  Includes a lesson demonstration with a question and answer session.

Recharge your Instrumental Teaching

Get fired up about teaching your instrumental students! Look at ways to make instrument practice much more fun. Develop skills in planning effective instrumental lessons and explore motivating activities for your students.

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