My teaching philosophy is a set of beliefs and values that guide my teaching.  My instrumental teaching philosophy is the essence of what I believe is important to educate a student about who desires to communicate through an instrument. 

A student is not just learning an instrument method but becoming a student of music. It is important to engage and relate to the student in both educational methods and repertoire, but also to bring them opportunities and understandings that would not have otherwise experienced.

For significant learning to take place, a student needs to be responsible for their development. They become independent learners who are able to teach themselves, give fair reflections on their practice and performance, and plan for future improvement.

A musician needs to have an awareness of the technique of their instrument and how to create the best possible result effortlessly. Students need to develop performance skills that will allow them to gain confidence and perform at their best, even when under pressure. It is important to support them in taking music beyond just the practice room and exam studio and out into the community through engagement in local ensembles and performance opportunities.


My students are required to purchase their own music books and guidance will be given regarding suitable technical books, repertoire and instrument accessories. They will learn to perform and understand the historical context of a wide range of musical styles from bebop to baroque, contemporary classical to contemporary pop. By reaching beyond just playing the notes the student becomes sensitive to the nuances of music so that there can be an expressive and accurate representation.

Music is a performance art and is best shared with others. Student progress is measured through a number of formal and informal performances including studio recordings, school concerts, formal exams and public performances. With each performance the student will gain valuable experience and a greater understanding of their own strengths and achievements.

So much of what I have achieved in my life has been due to the support and encouragement of expert teachers. As a teacher I hope to pass on some of their wisdom and what I have learnt along the way so that my students will be able to reach their goals and beyond. Music is a lifelong affair for me and one I am continually surprised, humbled and invigorated by.