One of the best programs to help with reading notes. As you progress the music gets funkier and the notes fly past faster. You can customise the note range which is really handy for just focusing on spaces, lines or leger lines. Free for PC or available on the app store. Staff Wars Live lets you play the note on your instrument, but can be a bit picky.


Antonín Dvorák’s Symphony No. 9 was voted as the most popular symphony in the ABC Classic 100 Symphony countdown in 2009. Here you can follow Dvorák’s journey to the new world with a flash movie and the Symphony being played. An excellent way to understand form and usage of thematic material.


Look at how a piece of music is made up of various layers and follow how it is notated. The Just Enough song is a great set of riffs for improvising with and the Don’t Worry Be Happy is a classic!

TEORIA: Music Theory Web

A free one-stop-shop for working on your ear training, theory and analysis skills. Particularly handy for students preparing for aural tests in music exams.


You’ll be spoilt for choice at the New York Philharmonic’s site for kids. Have a percussion showdown with ‘Polly Rhythmic’ or learn how to make your own instrument. It does require Adobe Flash at this stage.


There is something hypnotic about this pentatonic sequencer. You can spend ages exploring different patterns, shapes and setting up infectious grooves. Why not create your own backing loop for your own improvisation?


This looping tool is a huge repository of sounds and styles. You can add drumbeats, bass lines, horn stabs and plenty more. Explore a wide range of genres from Dubstep to Middle East to Rock. Set a challenge with your friends to see what mix you can come up with using the same sounds in 10 minutes!


Make sure you have some time to burn before visiting this site. The incredible polo has done an awesome job of creating some loops and some funky animation to accompany them. Hours of endless fun and of course you have to try and get all the bonuses!I like the original from 2009 the best, but check out the other three versions and try making your own mix to reach the top 50!


This simple game shows you visually how well you keep a pulse after the beat drops out. Give it a go and then challenge your friends!

Seen a musical game online that you’ve really enjoyed? Let me know about it – send me a message through the contact page