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A Great Start for Beginner Woodwinds

There is so much anticipation when a student opens an instrument case for the first time. As teachers we open up their minds to a whole new world of musical and technical discovery while learning a woodwind instrument. This session will explore teaching approaches that have been successful for those in their first year of […]

Baritone Saxophone Institute: Australia

Have you ever felt like you are the odd one out in the ensemble? The Baritone Institute is the brainchild of Dutch saxophone legend Niels Bijl and has been a roaring success in the Netherlands. I am excited about hosting their second every Australian event in Geelong for everyone who loves playing the ‘Grandfather’ of […]

Concert Band Radio

I have loved my investment of a digital radio and having so many musical styles at my fingertips. But it has always been an oddity to me that there isn’t more concert band music broadcast. So many students can go through their education playing in an ensemble format that they have never heard outside the […]

Geelong Concert Band Sunset Concert

The Geelong Concert Band will be returning for a live performance featuring music from The Dark Knight, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Enjoy a relaxing evening of great music, welcoming atmosphere and supporting your local community organisation.

Magical Australian Melodies

Recently I was driving listening to ABC Classic FM and was particularly struck by a very lyrical composition for oboe. Little did I know, it was a home grown Australian composition by Graeme Koehne, performed by Australian oboist Diana Doherty! In popular culture today you can miss some truly magical artistry from our classical instrumentalists. […]