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Magical Australian Melodies

Recently I was driving listening to ABC Classic FM and was particularly struck by a very lyrical composition for oboe. Little did I know, it was a home grown Australian composition by Graeme Koehne, performed by Australian oboist Diana Doherty! In popular culture today you can miss some truly magical artistry from our classical instrumentalists. […]

Geelong Concert Senior Band starts 2021 with a new director

One thing a lot of musicians missed last year was the regular opportunity to rehearse and perform great music in an ensemble. I’m excited about my new position as conductor of the Senior Concert Band and have spent the recent term break scouring the library for some great repertoire. There are some exciting times ahead […]

Music Studio Vacancies

Are you ready to take the plunge in learning the saxophone? Or perhaps you are looking to refine your skills in preparation for VCE or University? Make 2021 a memorable year for the right reasons and contact me to tee up a lesson and explore your potential! I currently have vacancies on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons for […]

Conducting Artistry

Ingrid Martin has developed some fantastic resources for ensemble conductors at her website: Conducting Artistry. Not only are there insightful articles about repertoire, rehearsal planning, score study and conducing technique – she has also created a Youtube channel with some great videos explaining these in action as well as short courses you can undertake. I […]