Lunchtime recital at the Basilica

Take a moment out from your busy daily schedule and head over to the Basilica at St Mary’s for some enchanting saxophone music. I’ll be performing a selection of solo Caprices by Sigfrid Karg-Elert in one of my favourite acoustics in Geelong.

Highly regarded as an organist and composer, Karg-Elert developed a love of the saxophone during his military service in Germany and composed a set of caprices as a bold challenge to develop technique and musicality. A caprice can be defined as a humorous, fanciful or bizarre composition, often characterised by an idiosyncratic departure from current stylistic norms. Influenced by impressionism but grounded in historical polyphonic styles these works are coloured by Karg-Elert’s unique harmonic and rhythmic language.

Today’s performance will present thirteen of the series:

Preambolo, C major
Valse Languide, C minor
Consolation, Dbmajor
Corrente, C# minor
Giga, D major
Rag, D minor
Toccata (in tre parti), Eb major
Ondina, Eb minor
Arlecchino, E major
Cubana, E Phrygian
In modo lidio, F Lydian
In modo misolidio, F# Mixolydian
Tarantelle e Sizilienne, A major

February 21st, 12:30pm to 1pm
Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels 136 Yarra Street, Geelong
Free admission